Juan de Onate returns to the village of Acoma in 1598, accompanied by his two nephews, the Zaldivar brothers, and Captain Gaspar de Villagra. He came with the intention to save souls through Catholicism and to get Acoma to promise loyalty to the crown. Unlike Coronado, Onate saw Acoma a place to be colonized  and therefor established the first permanent European settlement in the village. The Acoma people were not very thrilled at this new arrangement he proposed initially as on of the stories about Onate's visit involves the Acoma chief attempting to lure Onate into a kiva to murder him.

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    Evan Neal

    As an architecture major learning more about the religion of the Pueblo people, the Spanish influence on their religious architecture was an interesting avenue to take the research down. The Acoma village has, “the finest and most impressive of the Spanish Colonial Mission churches in New Mexico,” so was a perfect fit for my research.